AI controlled satellite electromagnetic frequency signals intelligence (SIGINT) is now being deployed to mine citizen’s memories, monitor their thoughts and much worse.

Darrell Head

L.A. September 2017

My name is Darrell Kellam (Bio) and I have published this page as a preliminary site in order to document the historical and unprecedented deployment of satellite electromagnetic frequency monitoring (signals intelligence) of my central nervous system which includes my thoughts, comprehensive mining of my memories and satellite delivered electromagnetic frequency weaponized targeting of my central nervous system including advanced and precise sensory and motor nerve stimulation. Below is a brief synopsis of these historical events carried out by the United States Department of Defense and a large number of complicit citizens in my community, state and nationwide participants using satellite thought surveillance technology, COINTEL PRO sabotage tactics along with organized community harassment and stalking to systematically destroy my small business, my finances and my life, which made me vulnerable to severe nervous system torment using AI controlled satellite delivered electromagnetic frequency central nervous system manipulations. This was initiated as an illegal and fallacious community thought monitoring and location tracking operation of an alleged pedophile that turned into ideological hate targeting by the citizens involved.

Brief Summary of Events

In August of 2014 I was “kidnapped” by the Department of Defense using satellite signals intelligence and targeting of my central nervous system. An almost daily campaign of organized stalking and harassment was initiated against me and this continued for approximately ten months until I was finally harassed and intimidated to the point of terror and gave up my business and fled my hometown (after being tipped off to do so) in an attempt to escape and uncover who was behind this and why they were targeting me.

I would eventually discover that the months of stalking and harassment had been made possible by satellite electromagnetic radiation signals intelligence monitoring of my thoughts and location tracking as well as comprehensive mining of my memories by the NSA/DoD using satellite signals intelligence and artificial intelligence. I have been informed by a community member that was involved that this was initiated in October of 2013.

When I first realized that I was being followed around my hometown, I initially thought that some type of local criminal operation was using its thugs to harass me. They knew private information about me and could follow me anywhere, so I presumed that they had hacked my cell phone, home and business Wifi networks. A couple of former employees had implied that they knew people in this organization and so my initial thoughts were that this was an attempt to extort money from me and take over my business contracts having learned of the significant amounts of cash my business generated every weekend. In the first couple of days of overt stalking I received several phone calls from a local VOIP line that attempted to coerce me into making payments to them. I refused to give-in to their demands and the stalking and harassment increased. It would be almost two years before I was told that a compartment of United States military intelligence had intercepted my internet traffic from a legal adult website and chose to conduct thought surveillance and memory mining in order to create a fallacious pedophile investigation and monitoring operation that allowed local citizens access to my thoughts, location, personal information and visual memory data in order to community monitor someone that they were told was a pedophile.

This is completely illegal and everyone involved was breaking the law just by spying on me but they did not seem to care, which is truly disgusting.

After almost a year of this initial intelligence and data gathering, as well as thought monitoring and tracking, a slander and criminal stalking and harassment operation was launched to destroy my business and life. The NSA/MIC gave access to my thoughts and mined memories to some wealthy members of my local community, which is very religious conservative, and they disseminated this to numerous community members alleging that I was a pedophile and a danger to young girls. This included very personal information regarding my sexual thoughts and behaviors, the legal adult images that I have viewed and any information from my past that they could use to co-opt these citizens against me. Daily organized stalking and harassment using my own thoughts, private information and tracking began in August of 2014 and people would show up at random places each day and say something to me that included my private information. This left me perplexed and terrified as to how all of these people knew detailed information about my private life and past and how they were able to locate me anywhere that I traveled including to out of state events. With access to my thoughts they were able to stay two steps ahead of any move that I made since my thoughts would give away my plans several days, weeks, or event months before.

I have discovered that this technology is capable of complete central nervous system monitoring using advanced artificial intelligence signal deciphering to record and decipher all electromagnetic frequency emissions from my brain. This means that every thought is instantly captured, analyzed and recorded including visual images, sound, thought and AI makes this data capture possible around the clock, even when I sleep. AI is also capable of parsing thoughts and can determine a person’s true desires and intents. In my case, the military has been completely dishonest in their portrayal of the type of person that I am so that they could move forward with this operation and create the illusion that they were the good guys taking down a pedophile or “bad” guy. They used the extracted images from legal adult websites to conflate legal sexual desires with being a pedophile and this caused my local community to take part in an organized ground operation to terrorize me out of my business that involved spending my weekends at girl’s athletic evetns and in hotels surrounded by thousands of young girls ages 6-18. A business that I loved very much, making this a horrible travesty since it was a complete fraud so some wealthy, powerful men and the military could make themselves look good.

Corinth Police
Police report for a hotel incident in Corinth the day that I fled Tyler
Corinth Police 2
The men tracking & surveilling me tried to steal my card number so I would have to cancel it.

After they accomplished this the operation continued using psychological operations and online and in person stalking and harassment to drain my remaining finances so that I could not escape horrible non-lethal satellite delivered electromagnetic frequency (directed energy weapon) central nervous system torment. This targeting lasted for several months and included a severe period of targeting where I suffered physical attacks 24/7 that disabled me from every day activity and caused severe suffering. Eventually they had mercy and ceased these attacks December of 2016 after 4 months of severe torment.

lost weight
Worst period Fall 2015

Less than a month later I attempted to resurrect my business and resume attending competitive cheer events as a vendor and this caused them to restart and worsen the directed energy torment the day after I returned home. I continued attending competitions that I could get into that all Spring knowing that that my thoughts were being monitored in order to defy the men running the operation ad expose this it as fraudulent to the citizens they were using to monitor my thoughts. The increased torment was prolonged and I have been told that this harassment was intended to punish me for my defiance. It has only recently been reduced since they restarted it on January 20, 2016.

New Orleans 1_17_16
1/17/16 Just before they started tormenting me again for my attempt to restart my business at this New Orleans cheerleading competition.
Sevierville,2 TN
3/18/16 TN competition showing defiance while being tormented by constant satellite EMF

Proof of the illegal surveillance being used to monitor and track me was made when I was arrested in Dallas in February 2016 after being located and asked to leave a competitive cheer event for justifiable reason. I was told by the staff they wanted me to leave due to “social media” with no further explanation. When I re-entered the building at another location to use the restroom before departing I was arrested by the Dallas police. There have been several court dates and the case is still pending. This was the 11th cheer competition I had attended since January in New Orleans only it was as a spectator and not a vendor, so the monitors in Dallas/Fort Worth tried to make me look bad by getting the competition company director to ask me to leave by most likely slandering me since I did not have any prior relationship with this competition staff.

Criminal Trespass
Criminal Trespass Arrest

I am still under this illegal thought surveillance and can be located by their civilian monitors at any time, day or night. Falsely labeling me as a pedophile and sexual deviant has been used to get large numbers of conservative citizens to take part in this criminal operation. It has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, terrorized, harassed and tormented me for long periods of time draining all of my wealth and causing me to live in hotels and now my car for 2 years trying to resolve the situation without fleeing the country. No civilian or government agency will assist me. I am hopeful that civilians and veterans involved will eventually stand up for freedom and the truth or a military/contractor whistle blower will come forward and hold these men accountable.

The NSA/MIC is using a nationwide network of private citizens that are comprised of religious conservatives, veterans and government employees that have essentially become a U.S. version of the Stasi. They continue to monitor my thoughts and location 24/7 anywhere that I go, including every city that I have relocated to over the last 3 years.

Here are the responses to FOIA requests that I made last Spring to the Army and NSA. Both agencies deferred my requests. I plan on resubmitting them at a future date.

FOIA 5_31_17 ARMY
FOIA Response from Army INSCOM
FOIA Response from Army INSCOM
FOIA NSA 5_31_17
FOIA Response from NSA
FOIA NSA 5_31_17 2
NSA response
FOIA INSCOM 6_1_2017
FOIA Response from Army INSCOM

My similar FOIA requests to the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency did not receive any response.

Please go through my facebook posts and help make the world aware of this unprecedented attack using undisclosed military technology so that I may get the justice I deserve and no more citizens are targeted. I also ask that you write and call President Trump as well as your local congressional representatives and demand that they lobby for a full investigation into the deployment of space based electromagnetic radiation weapons, thought and CNS surveillance, as well as memory mining technology against United States citizens including myself. Liberty and privacy are under attack by the NSA/MIC and a nationwide network of complicit citizens.

I have reported all of this including the crimes committed against me to the FBI on several occasions beginning in May of 2016 and as recently as January of 2018.

Thought surveillance, location tracking, nervous system stimulation and communication are still ongoing 24/7 as of this post January 9, 2018.
What you need to take from what I am saying to you. They will not even tell you that they are deploying satellite thought surveillance and electromagnetic frequency weapons on the U.S. population. They have betrayed the nation for their own agenda and gain.

There are many citizens that have been made aware that this is happening to me including 11 employers that I have had since they forced me out of business. In fact, several of the employers took part in monitoring my thoughts and harassing me while I was at work. Just imagine that. My coworkers were told my private information and thoughts when I was at work and when I was away in order to get them to harass me. When my coworkers learned the truth about me they would stop harassing me and I would then change jobs so that more people would find out about this firsthand.

My experience has been that large corporations will take part in government initiated harassment and will do nothing to help a victim. Each new employer was an opportunity for a corporation to help me and the only help that I received was to get on a plane and leave the country. I relocated to the L.A. area this past summer and have only taken temporary jobs since.

***Update***Relocated to Austin, TX a couple of weeks ago to fight for justice in the state where this was carried out.

My birthday, 3/6/18 The EMF has been reduced to minimal levels and is more likened to what once might imagine future augmented intelligence could be like. It is still 24/7 however I fear that after such a long period of experiencing it the complete absence might cause some withdrawal symptoms.

***Update*** 5/30/18 After a short break around my birthday the harassment was stepped up again. It persisted at this level until a few days ago when EMF nerve stimulations reduced to lowest level in 2 1/2 years but are still active 24/7. Many more citizens are now aware of my situation.

If my writing seems a little disjointed it is due to this technology trying to disrupt my train of thought as it does when I do something such as publicize what it is doing to me.

Below are pertinent links to the applicable patents and technology as well as letters I have sent to the media and government officials.

The DoD has betrayed the American people and does not want to acknowledge its actions.

*****As of 2/22/19 this ILLEGAL operation is still targeting me and I fear for my life*****


7/20/2019: Still targeted though much less severe. Many citizen witnesses and yet no justice. Contacted FBI again. Hope Conspiracy Against Rights and other crimes get investigated.

****Update 12/15/2019****

Still ongoing illegal operations being carried out by DoD and enlisted private citizens. This is a fraudulent operation that has become hate crime due to ideological motives also being used as justification. I fear for my safety daily.

****Update 01/08/2020****

Still ongoing satellite targeting of my nervous system by military/NSA signals intelligence including complete remote neural monitoring and nervous system stimulation using low frequency EMF. I hope they will stop soon and let me live normally.

*****Update 8/14/2020*****

I am still targeted by satellite EMF Remote Neural Monitoring and neurological weapons torment controlled by advanced artificial intelligence as a part of a fallacious pedophile monitoring and murder operation by the U.S. Department of Defense.

My life is thteatened on a daily basis by civilians indoctrinated into this phony operation and used to communicate with me by the DoD monitors.

This is cruel, illegal and unconstitutional and no one will stop it.

Darrell Kellam.

*******Update 4/20/22*******

I am still targeted and threatened when I have no pathology and I have not committed any capital crime. The entire government owes me. I have rights. 

Timeline of Events


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