Timeline of Events

August 2014

Towards the end of the month I noticed that I was being followed and took steps that confirmed it. This realization takes you back a bit and is moment that forever changed my life. The first questions you ask yourself are who is following me and why. Two years prior I had had a vehicle break-in where a large amount of cash was taken from me, so, I assumed the same people were involved.  After a few incidents one night around 1:30 am I looked out my townhouse window and saw a strange car parked right in front of me. I assumed it was empty however after looking around for a minute or two the car started up, backed out with no lights and left. The townhouse is out on a country back road and I had not heard any of the neighbors that I shared walls have any company that night.  I decided to move into a hotel in a nearby town where my uncle is a cop and when I was harassed by people staying at this hotel that I recognized from an earlier incident on the second night I was there I drove to DFW in the middle of the night in order to figure out what was going on and to see if they would follow me there. After a couple of days I returned  and decided that I would move into my shop, add interior dead bolts on all doors, add more cameras (total of 16) and go from there.  I bought an 18 round capacity Ruger SR9c and carried with it me everywhere.

My townhouse on Big Eddy Rd, 2nd from right.


Shop Hwy 155
My former shop cir. 2014









September 2014

Received 2 calls attempting to me coerce me into making a payment and when I declined cars with blacked out window tint began parking across the highway from my shop, which was not normal.

November 2014

Stalking and harassing phone calls continued and  even my employees were being given information by whoever was spying on and stalking me. Working late one night I narrowly escaped what I believe was an attempted attack when my employee left my back door open and I discovered a group of men advancing up the steep slope from the highway to my shop in the dark. Luckily I was in my truck already and I zoomed down and out the driveway.

On Thanksgiving Day I was followed to a hotel in Tyler that night and an incident occurred that made think they were going to attack me whenever they got the opportunity and that they could intimidate anyone.

December 2014

I began staying in a hotels some nights and started noticing people that I believed were  involved staying at the same hotel, one was a couple that drove a cream colored Lincoln Town Car with mirrored tint on the back windows.

At a cheer competition in Houston I began feeling extremely ill and weak towards the end and when I went to take the cash out to my van I was closed in on by two Hispanic males until I reached in a box and grabbed my Sig Sauer 380 that I had just so happened to take into the competition. They peeled off just as I was about to pull it out.

I was made to feel so weak that I had to get my girls to load my van and had to stay in Houston instead of driving through the night to San Antonio for the next day’s competition. As soon as I got to my hotel room at the Hampton Inn the sick feeling dissipated. I arrived 4 hours late the next day for the San Antonio event. That night I drove back to Tyler and randomly decided to stop in Temple to get a hotel room. 20 minutes after I checked in while sitting in my van smoking a cigarette I observed the same couple from Tyler in the cream colored Lincoln drive up and check into the same hotel.

On Christmas Day I sat at my father’s house stoic and quiet. As I looked at everyone having a good time all I could think is that I would soon be dead and I cannot say anything about it because I do not want to get anyone else involved. I presumed that they would eventually get to me. Since that August I had been extremely precautious  however they were gradually increasing the threat level so I figured it was only a matter of time before they caught me with my guard down. I never called the police because whoever was behind this seemed to know everything that I was doing. I had only informed my uncle, a local officer in a nearby small town, that I had been stalked on a regular basis and that people knew my private information.

January 2015 

I could not figure out how they knew everything that I was doing and I had assumed they had hacked my phone, online accounts and business network. On  Christmas day  while at my parents I had googled the FBI Tyler and wrote down their number. Somehow they knew this and when they let me know that they knew this I became terrified.

I wadded up the paper that I had written the FBI’s number down on and hid it in a waste container in my shop because they had learned how to break into my shop by watching me do it. (Jimmying the door) A locksmith had recently showed me how to do it when I locked myself out because the door did not sit properly in the frame

My first cheer competition was in Galveston, TX and I was expecting to be followed there by men involved with this. When I arrived at the convention center for setup two out of place men were walking the back dock and I later saw them leave in a dark blue Chrysler 300. The same type of car that was used to follow me on numerous occasions in Tyler and I had even jotted down the license plate number of couple of them along with added digits so if they broke into my car they would not know that they were license plate numbers.

When I checked into my hotel that evening I noticed the same car with Oklahoma plates was in the parking lot and this made me get a room right next to the front desk walk entrance ramp.  When I checked the schedule I saw that there were no Oklahoma teams at this competition. I was still trying to figure out who is doing this and why, my rationale at the time was that a local gang wanted my money and to take over my cash rich business by intimidating me out of it.

After returning home the following Monday the same blue Chrysler 300 with Oklahoma plates passed me while driving down Broadway Ave. in Tyler.

February 2015

Threats and harassment increased to the point that I sent employees that were selected by these men to run my booth in place of myself.  This led to direct theft from my sales.

I went to one more competition myself in Oklahoma City and was approached at my booth by a man I learned was  from Mustang Oklahoma and given an implied threat after he made references to information that only I would know. When I arrived home from this competition at 2:30 am the following Monday men were rustling around in the woods right next to where I parked at my shop.

Surrendered to their coercion and threats and removed myself from my business, sent their people in my place while I spent a few weeks looking for a job.

March 2015


I will add to this in the near future.