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My name is Darrell Kellam and I am originally from the Tyler, TX area where I was born on March 6, 1977, the same day that the Alamo fell in 1836. I went to a local rural high school and junior college then transferred to the University of North Texas in Denton (2002-2006) followed by an associate program in Fort Worth (2006-2007) when I dropped out $70,000 in debt in order to pursue my own small business dreams in a family started and funded business back in the Tyler area.

2 years after this my stepfather was killed in a car crash and I was given full control of the production business along with the retail business that I already owned. This tragedy put the business in peril and almost forced the doors shut, however my perseverance and never say die attitude kept it moving forward through the housing crisis and  into 5 years of sales growth of 20% or greater.

Unfortunately tragedy would strike again when the U.S. military launched an covert satellite thought monitoring operation using citizens from my local community. Due to the desire to self aggrandize and satisfy the Christian zealots of the local community and months long operation was initiated to destroy the my business and private life and then punish me for subscribing to behavior that is endorsed by Playboy and Men’s Health magazine, WebMD and part of the independent lifestyle that I desired to live.

This operation is still ongoing and with the intended purpose of sabotaging my life for trying to restart this business which revealed the fraudulent nature of this operation and tarnished the reputations of the men behind it in the government and citizens in East Texas. I am seeking the restoration of my business and lost wealth and an immediate end to the thought surveillance and tracking. It appears that the FBI and Department of Justice may be necessary to accomplish this. I am faced with daily harassment and tracking amounting to ideological persecution by government protected right wing and Christian zealots.

If you have any inside information regarding my situation would you please contact any media outlets you can as well as the FBI, Department of Justice, United Nations and European Parliament so that my rights and property may be restored and so that an end to these operations may be achieved.


Darrell Kellam                                                                                                                           January 28, 2018