Letter to Government Officials



Dear Sir or Madam,


I am writing to inform you of an unprecedented operation that has been carried out against me by United States Army signals intelligence in alliance with wealthy conservatives, many veterans and civilians using undisclosed satellite thought surveillance, satellite delivered less-than-lethal directed energy weapons and the elicitation and deciphering of memories with satellite delivered electromagnetic radiation technology and artificial intelligence. I have been informed that in October of 2013 satellite thought surveillance and mining of my memories was initiated  by the Army and local citizens were given access to this surveillance in order to thought monitor me after being misled to believe that I was a pedophile or danger to young girls. This was done after the military discovered that had I viewed legal pornographic images over my entire life by using this technology to decipher signals intelligence from my brain’s electromagnetic frequency emissions. At the time I was the owner of a seasonal business that held contracts for retail space at cheerleading competitions nationwide. In August of 2014, just before a new season began, these local community members began using this surveillance and tracking technology to stalk and harass me daily and eventually coerce me into giving up my business by increased intimidation and threats over a span of 5 months.  I was even forced to let employees of my co-opted supplier and competitor take over my retail location by the men in charge and those employees proceeded to deposit the retail sales from my remote locations into unknown bank accounts that did not belong to me or my business. It is my estimate that this totaled well over $50,000 based on the previous year’s sales. Several attempts at extortion were also made by local community members at the onset of stalking and I actually made a payment to one after months of extreme intimidation. The retail thefts occurred in numerous cities and states across the nation and I reported this crime and the extortion to the FBI and sheriff’s department in May of 2016.

After being forced to close down my business I took on several small jobs in different cities and the military conscripted local citizens in each location to monitor my thoughts and even disseminate them to my employers and fellow coworkers using the fallacious reason that it was a military backed pedophile monitoring operation. I was continually thought monitored, stalked and harassed, however I had not been made aware of why all of this was happening and how people around me new my private information until I fled my hometown to escape the harassment in the summer of 2015. At that time an anonymous online contact informed me that my thoughts were being read using a satellite and that revelation caused me to relocate several different cities in order to figure out what exactly was happening to me and who was behind it. In each city I went to, community members were given access to this technology and used my private thoughts and location to overtly stalk and harass me.

In late summer of 2015 I eventually returned to my hometown in order to seek the comfort of being around family members and a more familiar environment when I began being targeted by space based non-lethal directed energy somatosensory stimulations of my body. This includes pin pricks, tingles, and mild stings that last for around a second and stimulate many different sensory nerves throughout my body. It has been done with varying intensities and eventually began to increase in frequency causing me severe distress, agitation, sleep deprivation, fear and almost despair since I did not have any idea who was doing this to me or why.  I began reaching out to my family members for help however what I was saying to them and what an insider told them, caused them to distance themselves from me out of fear.

After enduring this harassment for two years, fellow coworkers at a restaurant I had recently taken a job finally told me that the Army was behind the operation and that the thought surveillance was being done under the guise of a false pedophile allegation. My coworkers were being told all kinds of personal information about my past and private life in an attempt to humiliate, degrade and dehumanize me. This included details of my legal, sexual behaviors and thoughts which were being disseminated by the community members the Army gave access to this information.  Those same coworkers urged me to leave the United States to get away from it, however I was determined to persevere as there is no reason for a U.S. citizen to have to seek refuge in a foreign nation due to assaults by their own military.

This illegal surveillance and tracking was even used to have the police escort me out of a large cheer competition in Dallas, TX based on a contrived allegation and when I re-entered the convention center in an attempt to discuss this further with the competition producers, I was arrested by the Dallas police and currently have a pending court case.

In July I relocated to the west Los Angeles area in order to escape the predominant conservative and religious zealot population of Texas which seemed to be relishing in harassing me. I am still being thought monitored and tracked by conscripted community members and the space based directed energy nerve stimulation torment has been reduced in severity, though it’s still occurring twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, which is made possible due to it being under the control of autonomous artificial intelligence.

This information has been gradually revealed to me by participants in the operation by both in-person contact and through anonymous internet communications. Over the last three years it has been revealed to me that the military used this technology to create a lynch mob using false portrayals of the type of person that I am and revealing information in a context that would only incite condemnation and hate. Giving local citizens of all types access to my thoughts and location allowed for people to follow me around and harass me on a daily basis.

In 2001 Congressman Dennis Kucinich proposed the Space Preservation Act in an attempt to ban the very weapons that are now being deployed on me and possibly many other U.S. citizens in order to steal intellectual property, harass, torment, inflict suffering and destroy lives and families, as it has mine. I am writing to seek your assistance with this matter and I hope that a formal investigation can be launched into the use of space based directed energy systems which can modulate the central nervous system,  mine memories, monitor thoughts of and track human targets including the current operations being conducted against myself. It is also necessary to investigate the military’s capability to identify and acquire a lock on a person’s unique bioelectric field which allows for this type of surveillance, tracking and intelligence gathering to be conducted on a single human being.  I believe that U.S. Army signals intelligence has large volumes of data including thoughts and visual images gathered from my brain during this operation and I desire to have all of those records permanently destroyed.

The actions taken by the military have dissolved familial relationships, cost me a very hard earned business and many hundreds of thousands of dollars, ended close relationships and have taken 3 years precious years of my life which have been spent in states of terror, disillusionment, and suffering while being tormented by neuromodulations and nerve stimulations, harassed, threatened and beaten down by these military space based weapons and this operation, instead of being used to grow my business, find a companion and settle down.

My American dream has been ruined by the very men who are supposed to defend our freedoms and way of life. I hope that you will help me get justice and put an end to these shameful military backed operations.



Darrell W. Kellam

Manhattan Beach, CA 92066