Military wants to know your thoughts.

In 2014 a campaign of organized stalking and terror was initiated against me that occurred almost daily until I was terrorized out of business and almost beaten to death in a Dallas hotel room. I eventually learned that the United States military had intercepted my internet traffic from a legal porn website and chose to deploy satellite thought and CNS surveillance technology against me in October 2013.  After almost a year of thought surveillance a criminal campaign to destroy my life due to my legal sexual behavior and porn viewing was initiated with daily organized stalking and harassment.  The Army allowed citizens from my local community, which is predominantly religious conservative, access to my thoughts and because of my promiscuous sexual thoughts a lynch mob was formed to carry out a very sick and twisted campaign. 24/7 satellite thought surveillance made understanding what was happening to me or escaping this impossible, as they were always one step ahead.

After I was forced out of business the operation continued using psychological operations to drain my remaining finances so that I could not escape horrible non-lethal space based directed energy weapon torment. This targeting lasted for several months and eventually ceased in January of 2016. Less than a month later, I attempted to resurrect my business when the directed energy torment resumed and was worsened because I defied the men behind this operation. Some have told me they wanted to drive me to suicide in order to make an example out of me and satisfy some of the sick men who want to punish sexually open minds and those who defy them.

I am still under this illegal military surveillance and can be located by their civilian stalkers at any time, day or night. Falsely labeling me as a pedophile and sexual deviant has been used to get large numbers of people to take part in this criminal operation against a United States citizen backed by U.S. Army Signals Intelligence. It has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars, terrorized and harassed me for long periods of time and no civilian will assist me in getting the Army to acknowledge this operation and give me the justice I deserve.